CCTV Systems

Wherever you go, you’re going to see CCTV camera kits set up to deter and track crime ( It is really helpful that almost all companies have one. You can see them everywhere, on the street and in business facilities. They’re really cheap now, so buying one and installing one isn’t that hard.

Due to its demand, numerous technologically advanced CCTV cameras have been invented which offer fitting surveillance options. There are many types of CCTV kits that fit your needs with different features. In reality, even CCTV camera kits are available.

CCTV Cameras Kits

· Camera indoor. As the name suggests, this is for indoor use. It can be installed indoors in any suitable location ( It is perfect for schools, offices, hotels, and other companies.

· Surveillance Outdoor camera. This is used for places outside. They are primarily used for points of entry and exit. These cameras typically have vandal-proof boxes with different lens size options.

· Night / Day Infrared Camera. These are used for high-alert locations where security is a must. The Camera shows standard colors during the day and changes to black and white Low Lux mode during the evening. Infrared lights automatically light up as night vision decreases. These are often used in high-protection areas by military personnel. Infrared CCTV cameras are also used to capture pictures during the night and operate as usual during the day. The benefit is that it can capture pictures even without light from infrasound cameras.

· Camera globe. They are set up in a dark dome, so people don’t see them. This can be manually rotated and tilted ( Dome-like cameras are used in public places such as bus terminals, train stations and other locations where individuals meet. They can record 90-120 degrees of images.

· Vandal Evidence video. These are used externally. These are shielded within solid material and are covered with a break-proof glass hub that doesn’t limit camcorder streams from getting high quality. These are primarily connected to the wall or ceiling. They are made of sturdy materials so that they can not be damaged or broken easily.

· Video bullet. As the name suggests, they are inside a bullet-shaped housing. These are used in residential and industrial areas. It may be small but it has an integrated design that makes it very effective. Most versions are weather-resistant as well.

· Pan Tilt Camera Zoom. This can be viewed and zoomed in all directions. They can also be programmed to rotate automatically to different fields of view.

Hidden Camera. Hidden Camera. These are lightweight and suitable for covert surveillance. They are usually found in public places such as theatres, clubs and shops. They designed recorders which simultaneously records and broadcasts.

· Fake cameras for surveillance. These are used along with actual cameras. They look like actual cameras, but they have no functioning systems in them. These are commonly used to prevent robbery.