CCTV Information

Closed-circuit television systems commonly known as CCTV, are basically used for surveillance. From businesses, highways, streets, offices, and homes use CCTV to monitor activities taking place. The main reason people use CCTV is for safety purposes. The system monitors and records the activities for users to come and view what happened at any maintain total security and safety in your premises it is therefore important to ensure the CCTV system is in good condition and working. Here are some maintenance tips for the CCTV system.

Be alert to any weather and climate changes as they affect the performance of the system especially the cameras .cleaning the cameras is vital after every weather change because if the cameras are ruined they will give poor quality pictures that cannot be clear to identify threats violators and another risk. Cctv camera maintenance is simple as you only need a lens solution. The leaning process starts by blowing the dust on the lens and then apply the solution. Use a cloth or a lens tissue to wipe the lens. The wiping motion should be circular. Have a lens brush to completely clean the dust particles on the edges.

Coaxial cable is an important part of the CCTV system and need to be performing at all time. Maintaining the coaxial box ensures there are no interruption and the connection is perfect. Distilled alcohol and cotton are used to wipe the grime off the connection. For video cables are only checked and cleaned by an expert. For continuous monitoring, CCTV users need to use an uninterrupted power supply.

Ensure all the cameras are in place and at the right angle. Other items in the room should not be placed where they block the cameras view. Find help from a CCTV expert to check whether all the cameras are working and re-install them if need be.