Possibly the worst thing that can happen to anyone in the course of their lives is losing a loved one. However, the fact is that if you live the length of an average life on this planet, this will happen to you from time to time. It could be a parent, an aunt, a guardian, a friend, or even worse, a child, but the surest thing in life on earth is that we will all leave it at some time.

There is, quite naturally, a time for grieving and wishing to be left alone with your thoughts and remembrances, but the grief does, eventually, lessen. How long this process takes varies from one individual to another, and the strength of the bond between us and our loved one, but at some point there comes the realisation that we want to commemorate the life of the departed and the mark that he or she made on the world.

From the highest in the land to the lowest, we all leave a mark on the world simply by having been here, and it is fitting that it should be remembered.